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Chinese Herbal Medicine is safe and effective. It can be integrated with  conventional (western medicine) or any other form of medicine already in progress.

The art of creating an effective formula relies on the practitioner's skill and understanding of the patients pattern discrimination according to a Chinese medical evaluation or differential.

At Four Winds Acupuncture we provide quality (NCCAOM) National Board Certified}  practitioners who have extensive training in Chinese herbal medicine to assure you safe and effective outcomes for your healing progress. 

In creating a well balance herbal formula, the practitioner combines  the calculated dosage of each individual herbs to maximize the therapeutic effect. Thus, addressing the patients symptoms, and the underlying root cause of a vast majority of chronic or acute medical conditions, while minimizing harmful side effects.

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 Chinese herbal medicine is one of the primary modalities within the scope of Oriental medicine. It is used to re-harmonize imbalances in the body.


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Chinese Herbal Patents

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Our online store features some of our most popular over the counter Chinese herbal formulation from Guan Ci Tang. These classic formulas were invented thousands of years ago and continue to play an important role in our healthcare today. These herbal formulations are safe, effective and affordable. They're lab tested for heavy metals, and made in a (cGMP) certified  facility.

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Our online store is ideal for existing patients needing re-fills or for the consumer seeking over the counter herbal supplements based on their own research. Please consult with your physician, License Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist to decide if these herbal supplements are useful to you.

We offer herbal evaluation for those with more complicated conditions or if you need to consult with Dr. Jean Caron  (NCCAOM) National Board Certified}  prior to commence taking herbal supplements.

Our online store only displays small part of our full herbal pharmacy.  At Four Winds Acupuncture we can create an effective herbal formula on site using Crude (raw), Extract powder, and/or pill form  to suit your individual needs or requirement. 


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